Window Cleaning

Are your Windows covered in dirt, bird strikes and spider webs? Are they difficult to reach? Or do you just hate cleaning windows? These are all valid reasons to call the professionals in.

What is our process?

On the Exterior surfaces we use Pure Water Technology. Our Water Purification system removes all minerals and impurities from the water to ensure the glass will dry completely spot free. The water is applied by using long carbon fibre telescopic poles with a specifically designed brush for scrubbing the glass, frames and sills. This means that we conduct more than 90% of our work with our feet firmly on the ground.

On the interior surfaces we use the traditional method using applicators and squeegees. This method does not require such a thorough explanation.

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House Washing

Is your Home dirty, green with algae and mould? Is your home more than one level making it difficult to access? Or do you just hate washing down the outside of your home? These are all completely valid reasons to call the professionals in.

What is our process?

We use a low pressure method of cleaning which guarantees all the mould and lichen sitting on the outside of your home will be killed.

Firstly the outside of the gutters, soffits, eaves and siding of the house is wet down using water. After this, a soft coating of a biocide is applied to the house at low pressure. This is then allowed to dwell for between 3-6 minutes. It is then rinsed off using low pressure. Where there are still areas of algae that survived the first treatment, a second coating is applied.

After the House is well rinsed with clean water we get our purified water system out and give the exterior of the windows a good clean, ensuring that no streaks are left behind.

Gutter Cleaning

Are your gutters blocked and creating waterfalls around your home? This can be a real problem and cause far worse issues in your home.

What is our process?

We come and inspect your gutter with a our telescopic camera system. If we can fit our GutterVac system into the gutters we will use this system as it is by far the safest way to clean the spouting out. If the roof line is not cut back far enough, we will physically get up there on a ladder safely secured by a groundsman and clean them out by hand. If the roof is extremely high and awkward to clean out we may get on the roof and wear a harness to ensure we all go home in one piece.

Wellington gutter cleaning


Roof Cleaning

Is your roof covered in Mould, Moss, Lichen and mildew? It is a great idea to get that seen to if you do not feel like forking out $20k for a new roof sooner than you need to.

This can be a dangerous job so if you value your active lifestyle it is a good idea to call the Professionals in.

What is our process?

  1. A biocide is applied to the roof surface at a low pressure ensuring no damage to your roof.

  2. Often the biocide works within 2-8 weeks.

  3. If another coating of the biocide is required, this is applied at no extra cost.

  4. We guarantee the moss control for 2 years.

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